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Sugar: Be Crystal Clear Founder


We are all born crystal clear, filled with love, joy, and pure energy, but along the way, life and society shape us and at times, take away a great deal of our clarity, love, and joy that we were born with. My mission at Be Crystal Clear is to help everyone reignite and rediscover their inner selves again, find clarity within and remind them to live their lives with intention, passion and purpose.

For over 30 years I have enjoyed being an entrepreneur. My family and I have owned & operated several of our brick & mortar businesses. Being of service, building a community and helping people was always where I found the most fulfillment and nourishing people’s bodies through food was just the start.

Ever since I was in 4th grade I’ve been collecting crystals but I never new why. I was also highly intuitive and an extremely empathic person often told by narcissists that I’m way too sensitive and needed to toughen up. Empathic individuals often attract narcissists to themselves and it took me a long time to realize that. After having my baby I took a step back from working for a few years and was excited to experience being a full time mom. I got to experience being a child again through her eyes and I got to see where I am in my life through a different lens. I quickly realized that I had never really tapped into my own inner wisdom to create a business that was close to my hearts desire. And it quickly became crystal clear that my parents had put all these amazing opportunities in front of me and as grateful as I was for the experiences, I had a burning desire to birth a business that was near and dear to my heart.

I had met an incredible healer by the name of Nicole while I was pregnant and was too sensitive to have a session, but kept her business card for 3 years. On October 9, 2017 I walked into the metaphysical shop that she worked at with several other incredible healers, and an amazing astrologer by the name of Shelly Warren. I decided to have a session with Nicole for the first time and in that very first session it was as if Nicole turned the lights on in my brain. I proceeded to have Nicole & Shelly mentor me in Reiki and Astrology and also got certified in Crystal Healing & Sound Healing with other mentors. I received so many downloads and began to create a vision board on January 9th, 2018. In the months following I was in awe of how quickly my manifestations came to fruition. I knew I must open a wellness center where kids, teenagers and adults can come and release their trauma, anxiety, depression, PTSD, stress and nourish their mind, body & spirit through different healing modalities such as Sound Meditation, Breathwork, EFT, Music Therapy, Dance & Movement, Yoga and Educate the community about Crystals and Energy Healing. Before I knew it Be Crystal Clear Sound Healing and Wellness Center was up, running and thriving. I quickly realized how much I loved coaching my clients and seeing how they were making positive changes in their lives and decided to get certified as an NLP & Life Coach as well. After being written up in The Los Angeles Times, featured in Bloomberg at The Milken Institute Global Conference as well as other publications Be Crystal Clear soon became a safe space for many people to heal their traumas and a place most called their HOME. I also put together my Aventur3 corporate wellness package and worked with companies like Johnson&Johnson and ZipRecruiter to curate in-person and remote wellness sessions for their employees.

In 2020 Covid came and changed our entire lives. So many of us were left completely frozen in time, afraid and unable to process everything that was happening globally. Some of us fell into major depression, while others were able to maneuver, pivot and set up their businesses virtually and keep going. Unfortunately, I was not one of those individuals at that time. You see I never had a great relationship with technology and in fact I did everything in my power to stay away from all social media apps etc as much as I could. During the on start of Covid I chose to offer all my services for free to anyone that needed it and did so with all my heart. Then the BLM protests started and unfortunately, my center was violently looted before my eyes on May 31, 2020. That experience catapulted me into a great depression and if it wasn’t for all the tools I had under my belt to help myself heal my pain, I’m not sure if I would have seen all the silver linings that were meant for me to see. I realized that I was not meant to be attached to one location. I was meant to touch lives globally. I also recognized that I needed to have a better relationship with technology, remove my fears as well as my old limiting beliefs around it and to ask for help. I’m so proud to share that in one year I have created my on line Virtual Monthly Membership, as well as my 1 on 1 coaching packages and I now have so much love for technology that I could have imagined.

So you may be wondering where is Be Crystal Clear headed now? I’m so beyond excited to share with you that I will be opening Be Crystal Clear Sound Healing & Wellness Center in the METAVERSE VR! Wait What?! Yes, you heard me right! I’m in the process of working with an amazing architect who is building out my center exactly as I curated it before it was violently looted in the METAVERSE. This means you will be able to meet me with an Oculus in Be Crystal Clear for our healing sessions, coaching sessions, rent my space for your private events, teacher trainings, education, NFT gallery drops and so much more. I’m learning all about this technology and I’m beyond grateful to all the amazing people that I have met on ClubHouse and Twitter Spaces that are helping educate me. I realize there are people who will not resonate with the way we are moving into Web3 therefore, not to worry I will also be available to anyone who choses to have in person sessions as well as corporate & private events with me personally. I hope my story has inspired you to be curious, get creative with your businesses, explore new ideas and to communicate your ideas with one another. Thank you for taking the time to read my story and I look forward to meeting you in the METAVERSE VR or in person.

With Love & Gratitude,

“Oh sweet pea, you’ve been alseep for 30 years, and now you’ve woken up my little Empath…you’re here to wake up, teach and help heal others.”

  • Nicole, My Beloved Healer

Sugar is an energy and vibrational coach and the creator of Be Crystal Clear Wellness & Sound Healing Center in Los Angeles. In addition to her intuitive senses and healing abilities, she is a certified Sound, Reiki, Crystal & Breathwork Practitioner and loves to help her clients reconnect with their mind, body and spirit on a very personal level.

Sugar is also a Certified NLP Practitioner, Life and Success Coach, EFT Practitioner, TIME Techniques Practitioner, and it is her passion to empower you, nourish you and help you on your journey to be the best version of yourself. It’s time for you to reignite and rediscover your inner authentic self, find clarity within, and come home to your inner core to remember what it feels like to Be Crystal Clear.

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