"Well that has to be the most amazing healing session I’ve ever had! I can barely explain the healing that took place in my body!"

Stephanie, California

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Life gets busy, doesn’t it? Between family, work, friends and managing with the current pandemic I’m sure you’ve felt incredibly overwhelmed and even a little lost at times. I remember those days, and I sure don’t miss em.

You see, I used to be in the same boat…

My entire life I had been working in our family businesses.

I knew I wanted to do something on my own but I didn’t know where to begin.. that was until I met my healer, Nicole.

In that first healing session I was able to release all my limiting beliefs and started to have a very Crystal Clear vision on what I wanted to create.

During the session I felt like I was watching a movie but I was the main character, producer, director and creator of my film.
Following that profound experience, I saw Nicole every week for several months and each time I learned something new.

In just one session I realized that I needed to create very strong boundaries around certain people in my life that would have projected their opinions on my ideas to make me feel that my vision was not doable or that I would not make it.

I was so determined to bring my vision to life and create Be Crystal Clear Sound Healing and Wellness Center that I did not share one piece of information with anyone that was going to dim my light!

Only 6 months later I opened my beautiful center in Santa Monica.

Looking back, the one piece of advice I would give to you is that I took ACTION and because I was able to really hear my intuition I brought my vision into reality and SO CAN YOU!

The truth is that it wasn’t as easy, breezy or as effortless as I had envisioned it to be. If you’ve ever owned your own business you know all the obstacles that show up!

But no matter what showed up I LOVED what I had created and kept pushing through each one, until Covid and the BLM protests that led to a painful and devastating looting which left me in utter despair and anguish from the loss of our loving center.

After taking much needed time to heal from the trauma and the huge loss of my physical location I knew that I was not going to abandon my vision, my intention, my passion and my purpose.

I used my own modalities on myself to heal my trauma along with all that I learned from my healer and came back to the drawing board and created this Virtual Platform to rebuild a global community online. I am meant to reach more people and truthfully, had my centre not been destroyed, I don’t know if or when I would have made that change.

Once I got that clarity I knew it was my mission to bring the same thing to others.

I wanted to create an environment where anyone can benefit from Sound Healing for the price of 2 coffees/week, which is why I created this membership program.

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I purposely timed the Sound Healing with the New & Full Moon because I started my manifestations on a New Moon. I even opened my center on the New Moon. The cycles of the New Moon & Full Moon are so important for bringing in the new as well as releasing the old every single month.

We all can accumulate too much clutter – especially in our energy centers which are our Chakras – and if we don’t clear the dense blocked energy how can we show up in our lives Crystal Clear?!

This monthly membership is like giving your mind, body and spirit a tune up, the same way you would service a car.

Think about it, we take care of our nails, hair & skin without a second thought but most of us go years without clearing our energy from inside out.

This is my way of giving back and paying it forward!
I’ve created 4 different tiers to make sure everyone can benefit from this.

I can’t tell you how much joy it’s brought me as I’ve brought my business online, and I can’t wait to have you be a part of it!

“I met Sugar the day I was diagnosed with stage 3 breast cancer and knew that she would be instrumental in my health journey. I don’t believe meeting her on that day was an accident — I would continue to see her for monthly breathwork sessions during and after chemotherapy and radiation, and every single time was as powerful as the last. Sugar helped me heal through the toughest physical, mental and emotional time of my life. She is a gift.”

Taryn SouthernFilmmaker, TV host, and digital strategist

Oh and 1 more thing...

And as a huge thank you, everyone in the Emerald, Diamond, and Platinum memberships has access to my online courses absolutely FREE!

Emerald, Diamond, and Platinum Members have full access to:

Crystals 101: Chakra Course

 My Crystals 101 Chakra Course is seven 1-hour recorded sessions dedicated to exploring the various crystals for each of the 7 Chakras

Chakra Affirmation Sound Bath Series

This series features 7 thirty-minute Sound Bath sessions, one for each of the 7 Chakras

Crystal Reiki Sound Bath

Take your soul to new heights with Sugar and Athena during this 1-hour Full Moon Crystal Reiki Sound Meditation

Go ahead and look around, because you won’t find a better deal out there when it comes to benefitting from the centuries old traditions of Sound Healing.

I can’t wait to see you on the inside,

P.S. Even if you end up cancelling your membership you STILL get to keep all the courses absolutely free – a $999 value!! There’s no contracts, so join risk-free right now and watch the absolute magic that Sound Healing will have on your life just like it changed Andrew & Georgia’s.


$ 9

per month
  • 2 Monthly High Quality Pre-Recorded Sound Bath for the New Moon & Full Moon with Crystal Grid
  • Lifetime access to all previous New Moon and Full Moon Sound Bath sessions


$ 33

per month with the first month FREE!
  • 2 Monthly High Quality Pre-Recorded Sound Bath for the New Moon & Full Moon with Crystal Grid
  • Lifetime access to all previous sessions
  • Sugar’s Online Course Library - a $999 Value - Absolutely FREE!


$ 99

Per Month
  • 2 Monthly High Quality Pre-Recorded Sound Bath for the New Moon & Full Moon with Crystal Grid
  • Lifetime access to all previous sessions
  • Sugar’s Online Course Library - a $999 Value - Absolutely FREE!
  • 2 Monthly Live Breathwork Sessions with Sugar where she’ll guide you through the life changing Holotropic Breathwork
  • 1 on 1 Coaching: Weekly 45-90 minute sessions over the course of 3, 6 or 12 months months
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