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By October 30, 2020No Comments

I wanted to bring up a big topic this week pertaining to Awareness and how to help protect yourself and your energy when you are subjected to someone else’s Toxic Energy. In the past few months, I’ve had many people asking me how to cope with full-blown narcissists in their lives. Narcissists can be in our immediate family, inner circle, work-life and sometimes we may run into a narcissist out in public.

I can tell you firsthand, I have not only had to deal with a narcissist in my inner circle but just last week had an encounter with a total stranger in a store. I share this story with you to bring awareness and in hopes that this doesn’t happen to you or your loved ones. With all that has been going on all around the world everyone’s energy is in fight and flight mostly because they have been directly impacted and affected negatively in some way or another by this pandemic.

In the past several months I have been constantly speaking about being mindful, being empathetic, sympathetic, and compassionate towards one another. We need to remember that when we are out in public to do our best to be helpful and kind to each other instead of being hostile and aggressive. When it comes to Covid Rules each store has different rules and regulations. Earlier that day I was at the Gap and was allowed to use the dressing rooms.

However, when I went to another store I was not aware that they had a (no trying on clothes policy) and I attempted to try on a vest and all of a sudden this woman started going off on me and cursing me out at the top of her lungs for not following the rules. As you all know I just had surgery and have been recovering and I tell you my body went right into fight and flight, my heart was beating out of my chest and I was ready to respond as most of us would when we are being attacked.

I remember taking a few deep breathes and made the mistake of approaching her and very calmly saying, “Ma’am I’m sorry that I didn’t know the rules at this store but don’t you think you could have expressed yourself differently?” Well, let’s just say that didn’t go well either and she cursed me out even further. I thought to myself how did I get myself in this situation in the first place and the truth is I had a lack of awareness and did not take the time to ask what the rules were at this store upon entering.

I learned that I needed to take responsibility and be more aware of the rules and regulations of every store I walk into.

I also felt we all need a refresher on some tips and tools on how to protect and shield yourself when you are around narcissists.

Rule #1

When it comes to a Narcissist “The Best Response is NO RESPONSE!”If you are a sensitive Empath like me, a narcissist can really get under your skin and impact you negatively. Full-blown Narcissists are energy vampires who act as if the world revolves around them and generally have an inflated sense of importance and entitlement. They often will try to say things that will trigger you which is exactly what they want so that you will engage in an argument with them. Remember, Where Focus Goes Energy Flows so don’t feed into it and most definitely, don’t give a narcissist the power and energy it craves.

Rule #2

If you have a narcissist in your family and you are unable to completely cut ties With them make sure to Set Your Boundaries. Fewer Phone conversations more texting. Less in-person interactions as much as you’re able. When in the presence of a narcissist Listen but Don’t Respond. The less you engage the better off you are and hopefully they will get tired of talking and repeating themselves and move on to someone else.

Rule #3

If you got stuck in a one-way conversation with a narcissist because let’s face it, they only want to hear themselves talk one of my favorite escape strategies is to say, “I’m sorry I need to use the restroom” as much as they would love to continue talking your head off they can’t stop you from having to excuse yourself to use the restroom so go ahead and take your time and enjoy your solitude.

Rule #4

Cut Cords … Cord-Cutting is a process of removing negative toxic energy cords or attachments between yourself and another person which is exactly what I did immediately after my encounter with the women in the store. You can close your eyes and visualize the thick dark cord between you both. Ask yourself where is the cord attached? Is it attached to your stomach, your chest, your throat, or your heart? Visualize the cord clearly and use your sword, scissor, knife, crystal, or whatever sharp object you like and say, “I cut this cord of attachment with you” and visualize cutting down and through the cord seeing the cord fall to the floor and begin to dissolve sending the person energy off with love and light as you release them.

Rule #5

Use Your Protection Crystals when you are out and about or when you are around a narcissist. Black Kyanite Cuts Cords with other people’s toxic energy. Black Tourmaline creates a protective shield around you & your personal space. Clear Quartz surrounds you with white light energy clearing anything that is less than love and light in and around you and your auric field. Selenite is a master crystal for purifying any and all unwanted energy and entities.

Rule #6

If you have a Bathtub Take a 20 minute Epsom Salt Bath which allows you to release all the negative toxins and helps you relax and balance out your Mind, Body, and Spirit. Add a few drops of essential lavender oil, light a candle, and listen to one of my chakra clearing Sound Baths to Clear and balance out all your chakras.

Rule #7

Don’t forget to use white sage, Copal, or Palo Santos to help clear any and all energies, entities, or spirits that are less than love & light.

Also, many clients have found that my Breathwork Reiki Sound Baths have tremendously helped them relieve their stress, anxiety, and trauma after having encountered a narcissist during these difficult times. Feel free to reach out to me at to book your session.

Remember these rules whenever you feel you’re dealing with a Narcissist. I will have more information on this topic in the future, and I look forward to sharing so much more with all of you.

With Love and Health to you and yours,