Crystal Reiki Sound Bath

Take your soul to new heights with Sugar and Athena during a Crystal Reiki Sound Meditation this Full Moon!

Join Crystal Reiki Master, Athena Bahri, aka Crystal Reiki Healer of Instagram with renowned Sound Healer and Reiki Master Sugar, for an incredible Full Moon ceremony.

We have come together to create for you a healing experience unlike any other. Infusing Sound Meditation, Crystals, and Reiki for a profound uplifting journey to your soul, let us guide you in clearing blockages, balancing your chakras, and making space for the new and wonderful entering your world. This is an experience you won’t want to miss!

You will receive an entire 1-hour of intense healing with two practitioners clearing your energy and balancing your chakras with the beautiful healing properties of sound, crystals, and reiki energy! Looking forward to healing together with love and light in our hearts.

This is a pre-recorded 1-hour session, for you to receive and enjoy at your convenience, with vivid ultra-HD 4k video and crisp stereo sound.

We recommend finding a relaxing space in your home, grab a blanket, pillow, or bolster, and put your headphones on at an enjoyable level.

Price: $44

Watch this promo for a sneak peek into the session!